Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The cafe on Via Pesciatina has closed.

Today is Tuesday. It's 11:47 a.m. Phil is on a bike ride with Flavia. And although I hopped on my bike at the same time, I did so in my street clothes since I was simply heading down to the nearest cafe to nourish my morning hunger. But instead of it working out nicely, I find myself sitting in the cafe's parking lot with no food or coffee. The cafe has been permanently closed. Cleared out. Finito. And it sort of throws a wrench in my multi-tasking morning of internet + food... but I will deal with it.

Last night we went to our good friend Carla's house for gelato. Since we don't have a car to use these days, we embarked down the winding hill at 9:30pm - Phil, with a beaming, miner's light on his head, and me, with a tiny blinking light attached to my handlebars. I've noticed before that when Phil talks while riding, he looks at the person to whom he speaks every so often. Last night, it was like the kiss of death each time his violent white light shone directly into my peripheral vision and momentarily blinded my overly-concentrated gaze at the ground ahead of my front wheel. Thankfully, after a long conversation on Carla's front porch, she opted to drive us back.

Tomorrow, Phil will leave for the north of Italy for a one-day race somewhere. The race takes place on Thursday, actually, but of course they leave a day early since they normally begin pretty early in the afternoon. He will also race on Saturday, near Lucca, in a place that I know quite well (since it's one of the only longer rides I go on alone around here): Camaiore. All in all, the week should shake out to be a pretty interesting one.

I am now going to search for another little bakery/espresso spot to quiet my digestive organs once and for all.

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