Thursday, June 25, 2009

In Quebec for Canadian Nationals

It is so unbelievably muggy and hot in St Georges de Beauce, Quebec right now. We're in the same location as we were two weeks ago for the Tour de Beauce, except this time, Phil is racing the Canadian National Championships here (Friday is the Time Trial race and Sunday is the 180km road race). If the weather stays like this I'll have to protect his feed zone water bottles with my life so that the others whipping by don't swipe them. Seriously. They do this. And I would too if I were a crazy cyclist swimming through these 100 degree days...

Now, on a sidenote, I'll update the haircut status from my last post since I know you're all dying to hear. I've done the research and have picked out the perfect style and possible color - this is all very thrilling news, I realize this, but just hang on because I can't spoil the fun by telling you what it looks like - now, I must find the best person to chop the mane.

In just a week and a day (on the eve of July 4th) we'll be back in good old Minnesota for some homegrown, lakeside, St.Cloud/Minneapolis fun.

Now, it's time to get some sleep before another big hot one tomorrow.

Friday, June 12, 2009


When you have a bad hair day every single day for a week, you know it's about that time. Haircut, hair color, hair revamp - time. Lately, the weather hasn't been horrible. In fact, it's been everything from hot and humid to cloudy and comfortable. (Pretty much the only thing consistent is the drabness atop my head, reflecting back to me in the mirror.)

The world of pro cycling has officially enveloped me. Yes, I am done for... all the way. Addicted to the sport, the strategy, and the spirit of my very own cyclist, I am. I can't hardly find time to think about haircuts. And God forbid I actually find a hair salon... that would require way more work than I'm willing to put in.

This must be part of being in a relationship. Not that you forget about getting a haircut, about your general appearance, or about anything at all, but you just learn to roll with things. Your partner's highs become yours, and the lows become relationship bickering. It's a fun ride to be on, but it's super important to think of petty things that are independent of the other person. Things such as haircuts.

I'm considering a below the chin chop that slightly angles up in the back, though I haven't really decided. Something drastic though, I feel. Time to feel liberated from the long locks of 25 years!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tour de Beauce: Stage 2 photos

Phil wins 2nd place in Stage 2 of the Tour de Beauce today!!!

For the play-by-play of the day's race, check out this link to the Canadian Cyclist website:

But for now, here's a quick recap (GO PHIL!!!!):

june 10th 2009

A long breakaway wins !

Saint-Georges, June 10, 2009 - The second stage Thetford Mines / Thetford Mines, was new this year, and worried most of the riders not so much by its newness but by the light rain that was falling in the stadium parking lot this morning.

It was Darren Lapthorne (AUS – Rapha Condor), Phil Cortes (CAN – Garneau-Club Chaussure) and Peter Stetina (USA Felt Holowesko Parners-Garmin U23) who ascended to the podium this time. They completed this 160.6 km stage in 4 hours 1 minute and 22 seconds.

The yellow jersey and the white jersey for the points leader remained with Danilo Wyss (SUI – BMC Racing), the red jersey for the best young rider and the polka dot jersey for the best climber also stayed in the hands of Chad Beyer (USA - BMC Racing).

A more complete version will be posted on the Tour de Beauce website around 6 PM.

By Daniel Fertin. Translated by Christine Monson.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tis the racing season: Granfondo #2, Slovenia, Marco Pantani, and Beauce

The photo I've posted is from the Memorial Marco Pantani race in Cesanatico, Italy this past Saturday. Just 24 hours after this photo was snapped by a nice old man named Gino, who drove the camper around from start to feed zone/halfway and back to the finish, Phil and I were on a plane heading back from Pisa to Montreal.

Now, we're in Beauce, Quebec for the grandiose Tour de Beauce. I am staying with one of the race VIPs since the team has room for only the riders, team director, and mechanic in the rooms provided by the organizers. The family I'm staying with is really well-known in the area, as they own a bunch of car dealerships in the area. Sadly, I can barely converse with them since they speak broken english (primarily french).

More stories to come - for now, I'm super jetlagged and in need of some rest before my 6am wake up call tomorrow. The forecast calls for heavy rainfalls and very, very cold winds. It's 160km tomorrow too. A rough one indeed.

(Apologies for the lack of character in this informative post. The story of my Granfondo experience #2 is coming soon to a Cycling Nutella blog (coughit'stheonlyonecough) near you!)