Monday, August 23, 2010

Pushing Restart

I'm considering starting the new trend here in Tuscany: screens for doors and windows. Apparently, they don't think it's necessary to use them, even though the night breeze feels great without the 30 bites we wake up to in the mornings. Somehow, large wooden shutters do block airflow along with sunlight and mosquitoes. Who would have thought?!

Nah, I'm just playing. I love dripping in sweat at 11:17 pm as I'm seated at one end of the large sofa at Cristiano's apartment.... He loves this sofa and falls asleep on it a few times a week with the Italian infomercials or MTV Cribs blaring. It's got this upholstery that screams 'modern hotel wall art circa 1992'. You know the kind. It was all over Days Inns I bet, with the squares and circles in gradients of blue, gray, and green like a dulled out Paul Klee painting, only much less cool, with no purpose.

The arm rests on either side are a glossy, powder-coated aluminum too, which totally fits. It's like the slicked back gelled hair thing that never goes out of fashion here, and it honestly couldn't be less attractive even after he decides to mend the two massive rips in it.

Oddly enough, however, he's got an absolutely incredible Ligne Roset coffee table at center of the room with the matching dining room table and an Artemide Tolomeo lamp (see image) that shifts around between rooms. If you're not familiar with the brands, together they're Italian for "don't put me next to that hideous beast of a divano".

If you can't tell, today is Monday and I didn't really do much except for some laundry, grocery shopping, and a hang out session over coffee and dinner with Alison. It was awesome. So nice to kick off a week zoned out a little, with some solid conversation in English - even though I'm still in the process of learning Italian and probably should be tackling that every chance I get.

Meh, what to do. Sometimes your mind needs a mental reboot. Sort of like a computer. A mobile phone even. Yesterday a lot of stuff happened that tuckered me out - long bike ride, tired afternoon, etc. and it was really obvious by the end of the day that I was in desperate need of a break. Plus, I've been getting these weird, dull headaches that have come slowly each day at about 3 or 4 pm. Per usual, I refuse to rely on modern meds to ail my pains unless it's a special case, so I thought about my life and have prescribed myself more water intake.

I figure if that doesn't work, the back up plan may result in a new pair of shoes or a trip to the beach for a day.

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