Monday, October 31, 2011

The Imperfect Trifecta: Foot, Bike and Automobile

Today, I snapped a few pics while heading to a Bamako grocery store.

These images depict the arduous struggle that is Bamako traffic.
They were taken a few hours ago here in Mali's capital city.

The cars, scooters, people selling goods on the street, bike riders, and open air taxi-cab-van-bus things speak no common traffic law language. The only thing you can know for sure is that if you don't drive with a vengeance, you will not move.

No one really has road rage because, as it's been explained to me, "you must live in the next moment, not the past one". Although it sounds like a catchy quote about forgiveness from a spiritual leader, it's really much more simple. They continued, "as soon as you react, seventeen non-helmet wearing scooters and a woman with child (this will always be an odd phrase for me to say outloud) are crossing oncoming traffic within inches of your bumper."

Once I got to the market, I was pleasantly surprised to find the ultra thin, unbaked crusts I used to buy for these ultra-healthy, super delicious spinach tortes I made in Italy. They don't sell the crusts in the states, but supposedly this specific grocer lends itself to ex-pats from Europe. (And now, also to Minnesotans who value the art of NOT frying everything in palm oil.) They even have the fresh Activia yogurt with the pineapple chunks. Mmm. My absolute favorite.

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