Friday, April 10, 2009

Mont St. Michel

We visited Mont St. Michel yesterday, off the coast of Normandy (or Brittany, if you feel so inclined to argue about it). It's not a place easily put into words, so I'll let the photos we took do the talking.

But if you want to see some history on this marvelous island monastery turned tourist attraction, the trusted Wikipedia site places words into our mouths agape still, a day later, from the splendor of this natural wonder of the world.

Another post to come later today with an assortment of observations touching on the following:
1) The issue of not speaking French while in France. Lots of time to reflect mid-conversation.
2) Don't be fooled by the slim stereotype, they definitely eat.
3) Getting injured in France. Bloody nose and scuffed, rock-embedded palms.
4) Cultural norms are to be followed: Do not kiss the cheeks of important French politicians when the French people here shake their hand. Even if you don't know better, it embarrasses an entire room of people.

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