Friday, April 24, 2009

Tour de Bretagne

It's been awhile since I've posted for various reasons, but we're back on the road in an hour. Phil and Amore & Vita will be doing the 6 stage Tour of Brittany (Tour de Bretagne) beginning this Saturday that lasts through Thursday.

France has been an incredible journey for us. Especially for me. Initially, I found myself observing everything and wanting to inform the entire world of the marvels that make our cultures different. Then, out of nowhere, the very dark side of living in a world where your expression meant nothing. The language barrier swallowed me whole. It was only about four days ago that things began to turn around, as I have started understanding the basics of French, I realized that our time here was coming to an end, and there was no use in dwelling in the frustration of being silenced verbally. Therefore, I made an outward declaration to Phil while playing Scrabble one evening that I would no longer be feeling depressed and down. He thought I was crazy since I hadn't really worn the initial mood change in the first place (which probably attributed to the problem now that I think about it!).

In any case, we embark now for the next phase of our adventure and I look forward to our return to Italy, where the language makes more sense to me (thank you Spanish), but I will definitely miss the friends I've made in Franck, Steph, and the entire Flers gang. They've all been wonderful to us.

More to come!!!

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