Sunday, July 12, 2009

So today is Sunday, and it's the day of the Hopkins Raspberry Criterium, at 4pm. Phil's been diligently getting onto his bike and riding the rectangular routes around the greater St. Cloud area for one week in anticipation of future racing back in Italy when we return.

I loved this picture (it was taken while he was on his trainer before the Canadian Nationals Time Trial race on June 28, 2009) and I think it really encapsulates the zone that anyone who has ever raced gets into while warming up to compete.

Now, we're in Minneapolis and it's a gorgeous sunny morning in Liana's Uptown apartment. We're going to grab a bagel and coffee soon, and then we'll part ways to get a run/ride in before the race begins later this afternoon, then onto Superweek races near Milwaukee, WI later this week!

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