Friday, June 12, 2009


When you have a bad hair day every single day for a week, you know it's about that time. Haircut, hair color, hair revamp - time. Lately, the weather hasn't been horrible. In fact, it's been everything from hot and humid to cloudy and comfortable. (Pretty much the only thing consistent is the drabness atop my head, reflecting back to me in the mirror.)

The world of pro cycling has officially enveloped me. Yes, I am done for... all the way. Addicted to the sport, the strategy, and the spirit of my very own cyclist, I am. I can't hardly find time to think about haircuts. And God forbid I actually find a hair salon... that would require way more work than I'm willing to put in.

This must be part of being in a relationship. Not that you forget about getting a haircut, about your general appearance, or about anything at all, but you just learn to roll with things. Your partner's highs become yours, and the lows become relationship bickering. It's a fun ride to be on, but it's super important to think of petty things that are independent of the other person. Things such as haircuts.

I'm considering a below the chin chop that slightly angles up in the back, though I haven't really decided. Something drastic though, I feel. Time to feel liberated from the long locks of 25 years!

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