Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tis the racing season: Granfondo #2, Slovenia, Marco Pantani, and Beauce

The photo I've posted is from the Memorial Marco Pantani race in Cesanatico, Italy this past Saturday. Just 24 hours after this photo was snapped by a nice old man named Gino, who drove the camper around from start to feed zone/halfway and back to the finish, Phil and I were on a plane heading back from Pisa to Montreal.

Now, we're in Beauce, Quebec for the grandiose Tour de Beauce. I am staying with one of the race VIPs since the team has room for only the riders, team director, and mechanic in the rooms provided by the organizers. The family I'm staying with is really well-known in the area, as they own a bunch of car dealerships in the area. Sadly, I can barely converse with them since they speak broken english (primarily french).

More stories to come - for now, I'm super jetlagged and in need of some rest before my 6am wake up call tomorrow. The forecast calls for heavy rainfalls and very, very cold winds. It's 160km tomorrow too. A rough one indeed.

(Apologies for the lack of character in this informative post. The story of my Granfondo experience #2 is coming soon to a Cycling Nutella blog (coughit'stheonlyonecough) near you!)

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